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5 wonderful resorts for your next ski vacation in Austria

Feb 15, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Ski4U Team

We have already written about 5 popular valleys in Austria. And now we want to remind you of 5 wonderful resorts with different specifics for your next ski vacation.

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1. Bad Kleinkirchheim. A great choice for a family.

One of the largest ski areas in Carinthia - Bad Kleinkirchheim is located in a sunny valley on the border of the Nockberge National Park. A special feature of Bad Kleinkirchheim is the possibility to combine skiing with various balneological treatments. The water here contains some radon and has a beneficial effect on the health and nervous system of tourists. The thermal springs of this village have been known since the Middle Ages. Here you can improve your health in the "Terme Saint Catherine" (water temperature 24-33 degrees) or "Roman Baths" (water temperature - 28-36 degrees). Outdoor pools with warm water are clearly visible from the Kaiserburg mountain.


2. Innsbruck. City and mountains.

Not the most obvious choice when you are thinking of a ski resort, but that makes it even more interesting. How beautiful the city itself is and how much it has to offer is worth writing separately. But! In just 20 minutes from the city center, you can climb the slope. Well, isn't it amazing? In one day you will have time to ski and go shopping and visit the museum. There are often direct flights to Innsbruck, but transfers from Munich are also very comfortable.


3. Mayrhofen. Vacation with friends.

An excellent choice for a group of friends. There are many affordable apartments, great snow parks. And in extraordinary times there are great bars, one of which is completely ice. In general, you will rest so that you decide to come again.


4. Zell am See. Lakes and slopes.

A resort that not only offers glacier skiing even in May, but also spectacular lake views, as well as a great opportunity for an excursion to Salzburg. And their local taverns simply won't get you out, it's so delicious to try all the national cuisine here.


5. Ischgl. "Alpine Ibiza"

This resort is legendary. There is such a rich entertainment program that this resort is called "Alpine Ibiza". And if you like shopping, then Duty Free shops are located here, as the resort is combined with a Swiss city. You can ski directly to another country.



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