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Val Gardena: 7000 sqm per guest

Nov 11, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst

Space can be one of the most important criteria and a precious good when it comes to choosing where to go on holidays - at least in the special time we are living through at the moment.... Mountains - in winter and also in summer - do offer more space than anything else and the Italian skiing resort Val Gardena brought out an interesting calculation. 

Slopes, slopes and more slopes.

Val Gardena is definitely a perfect place for skiers. 175 slope km including the famous worldcup slope 'Sasslong' or the longest descent in Alto Adige 'La Longia' are waiting directly in the valley for active skiers. Then, on top, the highest plateau of the Alps - 'Alpi di Suisi' (or Seiseralm) and the famous skiing circuit Sella Ronda can be accessed directly from the valley, being then connected to another 500 slopekm!


Valley of culture

Also, Val Gardena is a valley full of culture: if we start from the very obvious, there are three! fortresses in the valley - for every village (Ortisei, Santa Cristina, Selva) there is another fortress. Also, there are various museums showcasing the history, the wood carving tradition, and the culture including the languages of the valley.


Language matters

In Val Gardena there are three official languages: Italian, German, and Ladin ( Rhaeto-Romance language). All of those languages are taught at school. At the age of 16 each and every citizien of Val Gardena may choose his / her main language in which he / she would receive then all official communications. Also, there is a quota of Ladins for the different public jobs in the valley. 

This is also why the villages have three names each: 

  • Ortisei - St. Ulrich - Urtijëi
  • Santa Cristina - Sankt Christina - Santa Cristina Gherdëina
  • Selva - Wolkenstein - Sëlva



Ortisei with the Alpe di Suisi in the background is meant to be the most beautiful shopping mile in the Italian Dolomites. There are all kind of shops - from fashion and sports shops to the shops offering local food or handicrafts such as wood-carved souvenirs to take home. 

val gardena

Photo credit: APT Val Gardena


Health comes first

Apart from the usual rules to follow during these Covid-19 times, Val Gardena offers a live control of the slopes and ski lifts to detect which zones tend to be more crowded than other ones. Also, there is a holiday calendar showing live at which dates Val Gardena is already pretty well booked and which weeks crowds are not an issue at all. The premium skiing resorts also will run more skibusses to not have them too crowded.

But, with all the regulations and measurements, distance and personal place seems to be key. In the mountains there is a enough place for everyone. Val Gardena calcualted that - even if all the guest beds are full - each and every guest would have 7000 sqm of space. Add to this space the fresh air, the sunny vitamin D, and a good laugh - and stay happy and healthy!


Learn more about Val Gardena and the other Italian and Austrian skiing resorts checking out the recordings of our webinars - the most important information packed into quick 20 minutes!

Elisabeth Ernst

Written by Elisabeth Ernst

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