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The route is the goal. 8 ways of travelling.

Apr 9, 2020 6:03:37 PM / by Elisabeth Ernst

The most beautiful way to travel is for me moving, discovering different places and getting to know new people and cultures. So, the saying “the route is the goal” is so perfectly true for me. But there are many ways how you can move during your trip. 

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By foot – maybe it is not the most obvious one, or maybe it is? But a city, a place can be best discovered by walking around, being nosy, taking this road and then the next… just looking where the way will lead you to. Or… a pilgrimage to one of the holy places like Maria Zell in Austria or Loreto in Marche region in Italy. Or… in the mountains hiking from on top to the next, from one mountain chalet to the next?


Fahrrad am StrandBy bicycle – there are many cities that are working on their biking tracks or bike rental systems – just to mention two of them: Vienna, the city of Johann Strauss or Pesaro, the city of Gioacino Rossini. But it is not only about the discoveries within a day or an hour or two… why not ride all along the coast and experience different places, different beaches, different sundowners? Or follow one of the rivers in Austria which lead you also by some nice places. Just take as an example the Danube bicycle trail or in Carinthia the trail along the river Drau leading down to Italy…


Fly and drive. Auto in den Marche, ItalienBy car – Fly&Drive, what a flexible variant! Choose the places off the mainstream, off the usual touristic hotspots. Stop and take a photo where- and whenever you want. And once you are arrived at your final destination you already are full of exciting impressions. Definitely one of my favourite ways to travel!


Person mit Motorrad in den Huegeln  in Italien


By motorbike – take only the most necessary things with you and start your journey. This way of travelling is the perfect combination of bicycle and car: you are very fast, your are very flexible – and you find a parking almost everywhere!!!  What a feeling of freedom!



Boot in Sizilien, Italien,


By boat - river, lake, or sea… just as an excursion for some hour or as a cruise. Or as I did it: on a raft going down a river for three days camping along the river side.






By train – when I was young there was a big hype about interrail discovering many different cities and places within a shorter or longer period. While you run around in the city to catch all the different impressions, you can relax in the train and sleep, or eat, or just look out of the window and see how the landscape is changing. For those who don’t want to change the hotel too often, you can choose a central place from where to take the train every day in a different direction.


bus-2278900_640By bus -  on rainy days the bus, or as an alternative the tram, may be the right solution to ride around the city and see the most popular, but also the more remote places of a city.

Or the bus can be used as the train to go to other cities and places…. It just depends on what is more comfortable for you.



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By horse – this is not the most common way to move around… but I did it in the Altai mountains in Russia. Still after years I can tell the story as if it was yesterday. It was my very first time riding the horse. It was a grey one. It did not speak my language. But we had to get along for 10 days riding together up and down the mountain. With 20 fellow-Russians and in tents. A special experience which I definitely do not want to miss!


Never stop travelling - does not matter how. Which route is your favourite goal?

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Elisabeth Ernst

Written by Elisabeth Ernst

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