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THE GREEN PASS - the new chance for tourism?

Apr 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst

To travel or not to travel. Tourism or no tourism. This is the big question. Since the beginning of the just closed winter season 2020-21 the answer to this question is postponed and again postponed.

We and our hotels, service partners and tourism regions are ready to start the summer season 2021. But when will a start into this sunny season be possible? When will the hotels be allowed to open finally their doors again? How could possible summer holidays 2021 in Austria and Italy could look like?  And will everyone be able to travel? While we and our tourism partners are still waiting for the regulations and an affirmative opening date of the season, we learned about the perspective regarding who will be able to travel in the European countries (27 countries).

The EU is working on a common 'green pass' showing exactly four data ensuring data privacy protection:

  • name
  • vaccination date and which vaccination 
  • approval of a negative PCR test taken and its date
  • approval of having already recovered from the infection

At the moment there are three basic vaccines that shall be approved and accepted for travels in and of ALL member states of the EU (BioNTech-Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson). Further vaccines can be approved and accepted on a state-by-state basis. 

As a goal, this green pass - with QR code and in digital and paper version- shall become active and valid by June 2021. 
With this green pass it should become easier to travel, e.g. to avoid the quarantine.

Other countries, such as Great Britain, Israel and China have already worked out their own versions of health (or vaccination) passes. The EU will work on aligning standards and agreeing with the respective countries that the passes green EU passes will be accepted there and vice versus. 

On April 12 there shall be more information about when Austria will be able to start into the summer season. As for Italy, until the end of April there is for foreign travelers a 10 days quarantine, what will happen in May will be declared during the last days of April. Most hotels, however, postpone their opening already to June.


Let's keep the fingers crossed for a soon opening of summer 2021. In the meantime let's prepare best as we can. Sign up for our summer webinar series to be started soon!

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Elisabeth Ernst

Written by Elisabeth Ernst

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