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Summer, sun and WATER... in Ötztal

Jan 27, 2021 10:44:59 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst posted in #toursimprofessional, #dmcaustria, #mdmdmc, summerinaustria


The Ötztal valley is commonly known for its main skiing resort Sölden with the glaciers, the first world cup races in every new skiing season and since 2018 for the 007 Elements - James Bond cinematic installation. But what do we know about the other resorts in the valley, and about summer? Last summer I enjoyed some days in the Ötztal valley and this is, what I found out. 

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15 years me with Melur... to be continued :)

Dec 9, 2020 3:00:00 PM / by Elisabeth Ernst posted in #toursimprofessional, #mdm, #tourismappossionate


It was Dec 7, 2005 when I entered the Melur office for my very first working day, not really knowing what was expecting me. What would be my work? How will be my colleagues... and not to forget: is there a dresscode and do I need this very official business outfit?

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Hoteldesign over time

Apr 27, 2020 10:45:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst posted in #toursimprofessional, #mdm, #austria, #tourisminaustria


Over the time – 15 years -  working now in the tourism industry I have met certain trends in hotel design which took my attention and that made me think: which is actually MY style that makes me feel most comfortable?

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Kaiserschmarren. Taste Austria.

Apr 21, 2020 10:45:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst posted in #toursimprofessional, #mdm, #dmcaustria, #austria, #mdmdmc, #tourisminaustria, #stayathome


One of the most famous sweet dishes of Austria is the Kaiserschmarren. For now, you can only try to cook it yourself at home. But, once you come to Austria, you can taste it yourself... or join a cooking class. Check out the recipe taken from the "Sacher" cook book....

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Hear, see, smell, taste, touch. Get the full experience of Austria!

Apr 14, 2020 10:45:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst posted in #toursimprofessional, #dmcaustria, #tourisminaustria


Learning something completely new and abstract is not always that easy. You are tired and then you need to study relevant material... Does not sound too good, right? Well, teaching something completely new is not that easy as well – but it is possible – using not only one sense, but as many as possible.

This is especially true in our industry. When it comes to learning and transporting not only information, but also experience, emotions, and consequently enthusiasm:

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