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SLOW TRAVEL... how tourism will look like during and after Covid-19

Feb 17, 2021 9:15:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst posted in #mdm, #dmcaustria, aftercorona, #nassfeld, #slowtourism


How will tourism look like in times of Covid-19 and thereafter? An interesting and exciting question at the same time that is discussed with hoteliers, with tourist boards, with travel agents and tour operators - shortly said with everyone who is somehow involved in tourism, which are quite a lot of people. The Austrian travel-journalist Eckart Mandler got the Columbus award 2020-21 and he pretty much sums it up: We will have to take the responsibility for our travels.

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Nassfeld - sunny side up!

Oct 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst posted in #dmcaustria, #austria, #tourisminaustria, #skitravel, #skiing, #nassfeld, #carinthia


Nassfeld, the most Southern skiing area in Austria, is the skiing area with the most sun-hours in Austria. They are even counted! Let's see how a winter vacation at the Austrian-Italian boarder could look like in the upcoming winter season...

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