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Summer, sun and LAKE... in Zell am See-Kaprun

Mar 3, 2021 9:15:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst

... or shall I say summer, sun and GLACIER? Or summer, sun and MOUNTAIN? To make it short: in Zell am See-Kaprun you find the perfect mix for a great vacation from the early warm summer days to the first golden autumn vibes. Let me present the FULL PACKAGE that Zell am See-Kaprun offers, including the unbeatable Zell am See-Kaprun summer card including sooo many great attractions for the whole family:

  • Summer, sun and LAKE
    schifffahrt-am-zeller-see---boat-trips-at-lake-zell-c-schmittenhoheThe Zell lake is one of the cleanest bathing lakes in whole Europe. Around the lake there are 3 bathing beaches as well as some sections that allows to take a bath together with your dog(s). In the whole region Pinzgau the Zell lake is the only one where bathing with dogs is possible and allowed. One of the most prestigious hotels - the Grand Hotel Zell am See with its casino - is one of only two hotels in Zell am See that are directly located at the lake with a private beach and lake access of course.
    You cannot only enjoy the refreshing water when swimming, sailing, surfing or in a pedal or electric boat, but also as a passenger on the ship offering a round trip on the lake with the great panorama of the city, the mountain Schmittenhoehe and the glacier Kitzsteinhorn.

    The lake cannot only be enjoyed from inside, but from outside as well. The lake is about 11km and can be circumnavigated or by bike or walking - always following the trail sign "17K". I would highly recommend to go around the lake clockwise to enjoy the panorama and its changes at the most. Stopping, looking around, enjoying and having a break is always a good idea.... why not at the castle Prielau or in one of the bathing beaches? Circumnavigating the lake by bike without a break takes around one hour.  
  • Summer, sun and GLACIER
    kitzsteinhorn-explorer-tour-c-kitzsteinhornThe glacier Kitzsteinhorn is with its 3.203m the highest mountain of Salzburg. This is why the panorama platform on 3.000 m above sealevel is called "Top of Salzburg". This is also a phenomenal photo stop which can be reached when going through the Nationalpark Gallery where you can learn a lot about mountain, nature and technics. The whole complex with the restaurant, the platform and the gallery along with the offered activites in the ice arena or like exploring the mountain with its four climate zones with a Nationalpark ranger is called Gipfelwelt 3000 (summit world 3000).

    On a glacier there is the whole year round snow. This makes it so attractive for citiziens from those countries, like in Arabian ones,  where there is no snow at all. There is an own ICE arena where kids (and also adults :)) can slide in the snow or enjoy the snow beach, But attention! The sun on that altitude is very strong. So, when it is hot in summer and you would like to get some great photos of you in the bikini on the snow, make sure that you put some suncream first!

    But how do you get up there? Even this is a highlight! Either you are hiking with a professional guide or you take the cable car. Until two years ago you had to go 20 minutes by car or bus from Kaprun to reach the valley station. Since December 2019 there is the much more comfortable option of the 3K Connection starting directly in the centre of Kaprun, at the Maiskogel lift. Without changing the lifts and with the most modern 3-cables-technology you reach 3.029m at an incredible speed. Go for it! It is worth it!
  • Summer, sun and MOUNTAIN
    schmittenhohe-von-oben-ii---schmitten-from-above-ii-c-zell-am-see-kaprun-tourismusWhen talking about the mountain, I am talking about the 2.000m high Schmittenhoehe, which can be reached from 3 points: from the centre of Zell am See with the city Xpress, from Schuettdorf with the Areit Xpress or from the top of the Schmittenstrasse (2km from the centre) with the trass Xpress or the contemporary Ferry Porsche -design- gondola! 
    From the top of the mountain there is vast variety of hiking paths with longer and shorter trails - for everyone the perfect fit and all of them with a perfect lake, mountain and glacier panorama! One of the trails - the Pinzgauer Spaziergang (Pinzgau walk) - is leading to the neighbouring Glemmtal. Walking time: six hours only :).

    Apart from hiking, the mountain Schmittenhoehe is also known as the perfect place to be for mountainbikers or paragliders... or for families. A short walk from the city Xpress mountain station or the Areit Xpress mountain station there is the "Schmidolin's adventure world for kids". The funny dragon Schmidolin, however, can be found on the whole Schmittenhoehe mountain along the family adventure trail or at the three mountain playgrounds. Along the high altitude promenade there are different interesting signs explaining plants and animals living on the mountain. For the a bit older kids the E-Motocross park might be particularly interesting.
  • Summer, sun and THERMAL COMPLEX
    tauern-spa-glas-panormapool-c-tauern-spa When you need a bit of pure relaxation in between or when it is raining outside it is certainly a good idea to spend some hours or a whole day at the thermal complex Tauern Spa Zell am See-Kaprun featuring on 20.000 sqm 12 indoor- and outdoor pools and 10 different saunas and steambaths. In the VitalSPA massages and treatments are offered, kids have their own dedicated area - the Kidsstein.
  • Summer, sun and CITY
    zell-am-see-insel-von-oben---zell-am-see-from-above-c-zell-am-see-kaprun-tourismusZell am See-Kaprun is not any small mountain resort, Zell am See is a real city with all the facilities a city needs to have to be called a city. For us, of course, the most interesting part of this city is that there are many locals living or spending a great part of their time there. Even more important and interesting is the variety of shops. In the pedestrian area and centre of Zell am See -which is just so close to the lake -  there are more than 60 shops offering clothes, traditional goods and food mixed with restaurants, bars and cafes that invite with excellent delicacies to have a break.
  • Summer, sun and SO MUCH MORE!
    Are you wondering what the SO MUCH MORE could be? Zell am See-Kaprun is the perfect place to discover the whole region... in Kaprun itself there is the Sigmund-Thun gorge or the artificial lakes with its dams or the Voetters car museum, or the fortress and castle of Kaprun that can be visited. A bit further are the Krimml waterfalls, the Nationalpark Museum Mittersill, the Kitzloch gorge in Taxenbach or so many more....

    Sommerkarte Zell am See Kaprun - Zell am See KaprunAll of these attractions and many more as well as the public transfer in the region, the entrance to the bathing beaches at the lake, a ride with the 3K connection cable car and with the the Alpine roller coaster Maisiflitzer, a boat roundtrip on the lake, the unlimited use of the cable cars and so many more are included in the Zell am See-Kaprun summer card. But attention! This summer card can not be bought, the savings are enormous. Ask us or consult our website which hotels and pensions do include the summer card!!

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Elisabeth Ernst

Written by Elisabeth Ernst

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