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Summer, sun and ... SEA!

Jan 20, 2021 9:15:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst

The last weekend brought my mood somehow down. In both our winter destinations - Austria and Italy - winter holidays are still not possible. Until the end of February at least. So, one reason more to get back into good mood and to fully concentrate onto the upcoming SUMMER season. Last week I already wrote about our rich mountain portfoliotoday the focus is on beach holidays in ITALY.

My beloved Italy is a very varied country offering beaches on three sides of the country plus 2 main islands and many small islands. On top of these beaches, there is a great inner land that is waiting to be discovered.... gentle hills with small villages (borghi) and agriturismi.

Italy is about culture. Tourists from all over the world are coming to explore the best known Italian art cities like Rome, Florence, Milan or Venice. But there are so many more interesting and less known 

Italy is about food. Tell me anyone who does not like pizza, pasta, the olive oil, the parmesan cheese or the wine...?!

Italy is about fashion. Does not matter what they wear, but in general Italians ALWAYS look good :).

Italy is about religion. Well, the Pope is residing in Vaticane - in a ministate in the middle of Rome having even an exclave Loreto with its Holy House and the black Madonna in Marche region.

Italy is about music. "Felicita" - "luck" is that comes to my mind when listening to these old Italian happy songs... But along with those popular songs, there are also great classic Italian musicians.

Italy is about coffee and Italian lifestyle. First take an espresso and only then start off. Italians do not sit down for an espresso with a cake, but they rather take it in standing at the bar, mostly talking to each other. Espresso is connecting and building bridges.


A great part of our portfolio for the upcoming summer season 2021 is already done and ready to be sold. In 2021 we are concentrating on 3 wonderful Italian - and yet so diverse - regions:

  • Emilia Romagna with its main beach resort Rimini. The most economic variant to stay in Italy. Enjoy the sandy beach along with the local and regional delicacies. Escape into the innerland with interesting borghi like San Leo with its fortress or the so-close state of San Marino. The capital of the quite large region is the university city Bologna.... which gave its name also to the Spaghetti Bolognese. Mmmmh. Apropos food: parmesan cheese, Parma prosciutto, Modena vinegar are all originating from this region and wait to be tasted directly on the spot!
    Prosicutto di Parma, Emilia RomagnaPhoto credits: APT Emilia Romagna
  • Marche. The unknown jewel of Italy. All Italy in one region - from the sea over the hills to the mountains and back. There could be many suitable and charming slogans that describe this yet unknown and still quite untouristy region of Italy, which might be a big plus in the actual Covid-19 times. Marche is about familyrun hotels along the 180km of green flagged (clean) beaches that come in five! different versions. Marche is about music with more than 200 smaller and bigger theatres in the region, including the great open-air sferisterio in Macerata and the opera house in Pesaro, the home of the composer Rossini. But Marche is also about fashion with its hills for shoemakers, hats, and clothes and more than 200 outlets. Prada, e.g. is originating from Marche. Marche is about cordiality of the people living there. They are proud of what they are doing and where they are living. And I can perfectly understand why.Riviera delle PalmePhoto credits: APT Regione Marche
  • East and South-East Sicily, from Cefalu to Modica. Sicilians say that Sicily is not Italy and yes, once you are there you really experience another world, but still the same great cordiality, the loud and fast talking (including the hands :)) ) and a great - but yet another - cuisine. Sicily is famous for its active volcano Etna and for the charming city on the hill - Taormina - with an ancient Greek theatre. For me, personally, the South-East is fascinating. It is not that discovered and touristy yet. There are not too many hotels. But there are golden beaches and a whole lot of culture in the baroque triangle including Siracusa, Noto, Modica, and Ragusa. 
    Greek theatre in Taormina, Sicily


After all, every region is worth to be discovered and visited. Stay tuned for reading more detailed background stories in the upcoming blog posts and absolutely do not miss the chance to register for our approved webinar series to get fit for selling. 

Elisabeth Ernst

Written by Elisabeth Ernst

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