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Austria... THE BEST in winter.

Mar 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst

Even if we already closed this winter season 2020/21 and started promoting summer 2021, our Austrian winter sports men and women did EXCELLENT promotion for Austria as a skiing and winter GOLD and consequently TOP destination. A balance of an absolutely great winter for Austria as a winter sports nation.

  • 5 GOLD medals @ the Alpine Ski World Championships
    From February 8 to 21, 2021 more than 600 athletes from 70 different countries of the world could show off in 13 races in the Italian skiing resort Cortina d'Ampezzo. The very first race was the ladies' Super G, the very last one was the men's slalom. In both races the Austrians were not too happy. In the ladies' Super G Tamara Tippler finalized on the 7th place, the Suisse lady Lara Gut won the race. The best slalom skier of the season, Marco Schwarz, did not end the men's slalom and the Austrian Adrian Pertl being in front after the first round, had to leave the top place on the podium to the Norwegian Sebastian Foss-Solevaag.
    So, in which races the Austrian skied to the gold medal? It was on day two and it was the very first men's race, the Super G, when the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr won his first race of this world championship to be followed by the next men's race and the so called 'king-disclpine' in the Alpine ski sports: the men's descent! While the ladies still had to wait for their first medal during that Championship, it was Marco Schwarz to collect his first gold medal in these two weeks. He won the men's combination. 
    Only one day later it was finally the Austrian ladies to celebrate their first World Championship medal 2021: the Austrian Katharina Liensberger raced to the first place ex aequo with the Italian Marta Bassino in the new discipline parallel slalom to win in the very next ladies' race, the giant slalom, the excellent bronze medal (+0.09 behind gold).
    The next day the Austrian Marco Schwarz won the bronze medal at the men's giant slalom.
    The absolute star of these World Championships was Katharina Liensberger, as she did not only win the gold medal in the parallel slalom and the bronze medal in the giant slalom, but the gold medal in the very last ladies's race as well!!

    With a total of eight medals in 13 races - five of them were in GOLD - Austria won the nation's ranking to be followed by Switzerland (3 gold medals, 9 in total) and France (2 gold medals, 5 in total).

    If this result does not demonstrate that Austria is an absolute skiing nation. Also, our hoteliers could test more than in other ('normal') seasons the excellent snow conditions on the slopes and cannot wait to welcome guests back in the next winter season to experience the very same!!!
  • 4 GOLD medals @ the Nordic Ski World Championships
    Last Sunday the Nordic Ski World Championships including ski jumping, cross country skiing and the Nordic combination in the German Oberstdorf ended. The Norwegian team with 12 gold medals was as always ranking top on the list in the Nordic ski disciplines, while Austria surprised with an excellent second place when it comes to the nation's ranking and four GOLD medals,one silver medal and two bronze medals. In fact, for Austria, these Nordic Ski World Championships are the second most successful championships in the history!
    While in cross country skiing Austria did not get any medal this year, they won 2 ski jumping competitions and two nordic combination competitions combing ski jumping and cross country skiing. Only, in cross country skiing itself Austria could not win a medal this time - something to be worked on for 2023, then...
    Who are the gold medalists 2021? There is Stefan Kraft, the Austrian team leader of the ski jumping team. He succeeded at the large hill. The Austrian ladies'team with Marita Kramer, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Sophie Sorschag, and Chiara Hoelzl won the gold medal at normal hill size. Only one day before, Austria's Marita Kramer jumped to the hill record in the round. At the end she was not lucky enough and ended the competition on the fourth place only.
    In the Nordic combination it was Johannes Lamparter to bring home the gold medal. Then, together with his team colleague Lukas Greiderer he succeeded again at the Nordic combination team sprint. 
    Further, the male jumping team jumped to the second place in the team competition. The mixed jumping team won the bronze medal on the normal hill size.

    Not only since Corona it is Nordic skiing that gets more and more popular. In the Austrian mountains there are numerous cross country skiing tracks - for skaters and for classic ones, for beginners and for pros... short tracks or long tracks, and most of them with a beautiful panorama! Let's hope for the next winter then to get back on those tracks!


  • 2 GOLD medals @ the Sledging World Championships
    End of January the whole sledging world was looking to the German Koenigsee where the 50th Sledging World Championships took place. Sportsmen and -women from 23 nations were fighting for 21 medals in seven different competitions. Austria landed with its two gold medals and two bronze medals on the second place of the Nations' rating.
    In the male sprint competition the brothers Nico Gleischer - gold medalist - and David Gleischer - bronze medalist - occupied two thirds of the podium :). David Gleirscher seems to love the bronze colour of his medal, as he won his second bronze medal at the male single-seater race. Finally, it was the Austrian team with Madeleine Egle, David Gleirscher (he likes gold either :)), Thomas Steu and Lorenz Koller to win the gold medal at the team relay.

    Every Austrian loves sledging, starting from the very early kid's age. Sledging is possible everywhere, where there is a hill.... but of course, you can find great natural or artifical and even at night illuminated sledging tracks all over Austria.... I am just thinking of Lienz in Osttirol or Oetztal or Gastein valley or... or... or.... and, of course, not to forget the Olympic Ice Channel in Innsbruck which is open for the public as well.

    To close this winter season 2020-21 now for good, let me remind you that we have already launched the next winter season 2021-22! Our rates, specials, and allotments are already online. It is never too early to get the next winter holiday booked!!!! :)

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Elisabeth Ernst

Written by Elisabeth Ernst

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