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Austria is opening on May 19... the rules

May 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Elisabeth Ernst

May 19. Finally Austria and its hotels, restaurants and leisure services may open again. The break was a long one, but we cannot wait to welcome guests back in Austria. But how could such holidays in Austria look like? Here comes the update:

Austria has already shown last summer season, how safe hospitality in our country works. These are the new standards that will be applied from May 19 in the hotels, the restaurants, and the leisure and sports sector:

  • Tested, recovered or vaccinated. That's the main rule and the prerequisite to enter a hotel, a restaurant or a service. Please consider the following specifications and rules:
    • Tests. 
      • negative self-tests that are registered in the official data system are valid for 24 hours
      • antigen tests at testing streets or in pharmacies are valid for 48 hours
      • PCR tests are valid for 72 hours
      • Free tests will be available directly on the spot (e.g. in the restaurant) and are valid for  the time of the stay at this location and not longer. 
      • For children the school tests are sufficient and valid
      • No tests are needed in the museums and in the shops
      • The proof of the negative test results are valid in digital and paper form.
    • Recoveries.
      • Recovered persons do not need a test for as long as half a year from the day of recovery. A note of isolation or an antibody test are a valid proof. 
    • Vaccinations.
      • Persons with the first vaccination only do not need a test for long as three months from the 22nd day after the first vaccination.
      • Persons with a complete (first and second) vaccination do not need a test  for as long as nine months.
      • Persons with a vaccination where only one dose is sufficient (e.g. Johnson&Johnson) do not  need a test for as long as nine months from the 22nd day after the vaccination.
  • Registration. Guests shall be registered in all places where they are longer than 15 minutes (hotels, restaurants, event locations and non-pubic leisure and sports areas. 
    • Name, telephone number (and the email address) of all guests are registered
    • The data are kept for as long as 28 days and have to be deleted thereafter
    • There is no need for registration in the shops or when staying in the fresh air (e.g. zoos or public outdoor pools)

Additionally to the basic rules mentioned above, there are certain specifics in the restaurant/hotel/leisure sector:

  • Restaurants.
    • The restaurants will be able to welcome their guests indoor and outdoor.
    • The restaurants will be open from 05:00 until 22:00. The nightclubs will remain closed for the time being.
    • safety measurements: negative tests and nose-mouth-masks for employees, FFP2 masks when not seated for guests and a distance of 2m between the tables.
    • Indoor a consumption of food and beverages are only allowed at the table, the bar remains closed (exception: fast food stalls).
    • for take away there is no test needed.
  • Hotels.
    • The negative test result (or vaccination or recovery) shall be presented upon arrival.
    • Thereafter apply the standard rules as mentioned above, also when visiting the hotel restaurants
    • Wellness areas can be opened. A minimum space of 20 sqm per guest has to be kept.
    • Guests need to wear a nose-mouth-mask in all public or common areas of the hotel.
  • Leisure and sports.
    • Indoor, e.g. in fitness studios, there has to be a minimum space of 20 sqm per guest or a special security measurement like plexi glass walls
    • during the sports activity there is no mask needed
    • in the changing rooms the nose-mouth-mask has to be worn
    • in general, the minimum distance of 2m is to be kept; for sports with contact a test is absolutely needed.
  • Events.
    • the FFP2 mask has to be worn at indoor and outdoor events.  
    • between guest groups there has to be at least one free seat.
    • outdoor events might include a max. of 3.000 guests, indoor events a max. of 1.500 guests
    • events with fixed seats may be occupied with a max. of 50%
    • max. 50 guests without assigned seats are allowed
    • End of events: 22:00
    • Food and beverages may be consumed in seating only.
    • An event has to be registered from 11 persons onwards, 
    • Fairs are possible without a max. of participants, but every participants needs to have a min. of 20 sqm
    • Holiday camps are possible with a max. of 20 participants.

These rules are valid from May 19 until June 30. Further, lighter rules are to be expected for July. We will keep you updated.

Also, as per May 19, tourists from green or orange countries (ECDC) will not have to go into quarantine in Austria. A negative test, the vaccination or the approval of recovery as per above rules shall be sufficient. Tourists from red or darkred countries according to the ECDC, shall go into a ten-days quarantine which can be ended within five days with a negative test. 

All tourists or arrivals coming to Austria, however, need to complete the "Pre-Travel-Clearance-Form" (PTC) max. 72 hours before arrival. 


Tourism is about to restart. Let's fully enjoy it. We are ready and you? Make sure that you have all destination facts needed and check out the 20 minutes webinar recordings!

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Elisabeth Ernst

Written by Elisabeth Ernst

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